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Flood Cleanup and Sewage Cleanup Services in St. Louis, MO

Fast Help will help you get your sewage line backup or flood cleaned up as if it never happened!

Whether you need flood waters pumped out of a 200,000 square-foot warehouse, or a sewage back-up cleaned out of a home, we can handle it. A sewage backup will commonly present a serious health hazard mainly caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites. Sewage backup is dangerous due to the many ways it transmits diseases and because it is sometimes hard to predict. Flood waters can be equally or even more toxic than sewage. What is Sewage? Raw sewage is mainly gray or black water. It usually contains the organic waste and wastewater produced by household and industrial sources. Sewage typically contains everything from soap to solid waste, human excrement, industrial wastewater, and debris. It is discharged by drains and sewer lines. Excrement is the major source of harmful microorganisms. It has been found that sewage can contain 2,850,000 to 3,160,000 bacteria per cubic centimeter. Sewage shouldn’t be handled by just anybody. This is a health issue and needs to be handled by a professional trained in these matters.

Sewage Cleanup and Flood Damage Cleanup Services Include:board-ups in St. Louis

  • Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Containment & Chambering
  • Sewage Back-up Cleaning and Repair
  • Residential Extraction and Pump Out
  • Commercial & Industrial Extraction and Pump Out


Fast Help's Flood & Sewage Cleanup Technicans Can Be ON SITE FAST!

board-ups in St. Louis


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